Telling the difference between a studio and a loft apartment is easy mostly because of the size and function. But when it comes to differentiating an efficiency from a studio apartment, it’s not so easy. These two terms are sometimes used interchangeably but in reality there are a few elements that can help us distinguish between one and the other. Of course, it all depends on the region.

Whether it’s an efficiency or a studio apartment, the two have in common the lack of a separate bedroom. But in the case of the remaining space, a few differences can be observed. For example, an efficiency apartment has a separate kitchen. Although it’s small, it’s not part of the main living area as in the case of studio apartments. Efficiency apartments usually have full kitchens whereas studio apartments only have limited kitchens with small appliances. But in some regions these two types of apartments are interchanged so the situation is exactly the opposite.

The size is also an important factor that helps determine the difference between these two types of apartments. Efficiencies are very small whereas studios can be quite large even though the number of rooms remains the same. In order to tell the difference between the two, it would be useful to know that the apartments found in upscale buildings such as warehouses that have converted into residential spaces are usually called studios.

There’s also another element that represents a difference in this case. Studio apartment, even though sometimes quite small, may come with a loft. Efficiency apartments, on the other hand, don’t offer this option. The optional loft in the case of studio apartments is usually a space that can be reached via a stairway. This room is still open to the main room but it is, however, a separate space. It can be sued either as a bedroom or an additional living room. It might also be converted into a home office, guest room, etc.

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