Some projects that are part of a renovation or room makeover are best left to the professionals but others are simple DIYs. For example, painting the walls of a room or painting a piece of furniture shouldn’t be regarded as difficult projects. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to look for a few tips and tricks to apply during the process.

Painting tips, tricks and hacks .

To avoid messy paint cans and drips, all you need id a rubberband. Use it to wipe off your brush and to prevent the excess paint from dripping down the side of the can.

Here’s how you get perfectly straight lines when combining two different paint colors. First, take your first color and paint over the edge. Then, when the paint is dry, tape off where you want the line to be. Paint down the edge of the tape with your first color to seal the tape. Let it dry and then paint down the same edge using the second color. Remove the tape and that’s all.{found on houseofhepworths}.

Make your own chalk paint by combining one cup of flat paint and one tablespoon of unsanded grout. It’s very simple and affordable. There are also other recipes you can try.

Here’s a trick you can use when going shopping for furniture, accessories and other things: when you’re done painting a room, take a popsicle stick and paint it the same color as the walls. Do this for each room or for each color you’ve used in a room. Take the popsicles with you so you can match the colors to the furniture, curtains, etc.

To get a silky smooth finish with no streaks when painting your furniture, first degrease the piece of furniture you plan on painting. Then apply the primer and let it dry. Use a foam roller to apply the paint. It leaves no streaks or brush strokes.{found on justagirlblog}.

Change the ambiance in the kitchen by painting the cabinets. As soon as you do this, the whole room will look different. For an even more dramatic change, you can also change the color of the walls.{found on iheartnaptime}.

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