The bedroom just doesn’t feel complete without a lamp or a pair of lamps, depending on the case. So how do you pick the right lamp for your bedroom? It’s a decision that has to do with a variety of factors such as style, shape, size and other details.

If the bedroom is minimalist, then a type of simple, cord-hanging lamp could look wonderful in such a setting. You can adjust the height at which the lamp is hanging and the whole design is simple and casual.

Get rid of the base of the lamp and only keep the shade or upper portion. It can be attached to the headboard. This way the entire design of the bedroom is simplified.

Instead of a lamp, you can opt for something completely different such as string lights. Just hang them casually in the room, either on the window, headboard or some other way.

It’s practical to have lamps in the bedroom which have flexible designs so you can have the light directed towards a certain area and increase your comfort.

In a modern bedroom, you can opt for something simple and abstract such as spherical lamps that provide subtle lighting. They glow beautifully and also stand out with their design.

This is a pair of table lamps that seem to combine modern and traditional design is a natural ad seamless way. They’re quite charming and suitable for the bedroom.

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