Have you ever noticed that everything in this life comes in or is made better by pairs? Coffee needs cream. Dark needs light. Mr. Rabbit needs Mrs. Rabbit. The one can’t do without the other. The principle is no different when it comes to gardening.

There are certain plants that compliment our vegetables and other plants that are their worst enemies. By learning which plants benefit our gardens, you can reduce the threat of pests as well as help your veggies thrive. Isn’t that what we strive for as gardeners? Take a look at these 10 companion plants that aid our basic vegetables as well as bring beauty to our gardens.

You could say that basil and tomatoes are BFFs. By planting the herb near your tomato plants, it will improve your veggie’s flavor and keep flies and mosquitoes away. Marigolds are also a good companion for tomatoes. However, you want to keep those red veggies away from corn and potato plants since some of the same pests of these veggies also love our tomatoes.

Does chamomile surprise you as a companion plant? It surprised me. But it turns out that planting some by your onions will help improve their growth and flavor. Plus you’ll have chamomile to dry and make into chamomile tea. Don’t plant your onions near your beans though as they will stunt the beans’ growth. You’re welcome.

Some people love dill and some people dislike the strong flavor. Whatever camp you fall into, the strong scent of the herb will keep unwanted pests away from your precious broccoli when you plant it nearby. To keep your broccoli’s full flavor, be sure to plant it away from your tomatoes, peppers or any other plant that heavily takes nutrients out of the soil. Broccoli doesn’t respond well to competition.

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