A lot of times, the pretext we use for not redecorating or improving the design of our home is the cost of the whole project. Sure, if you plan on having a complete makeover, then it’s understandable to want to find the right time but keep in mind that there are simpler and more economical ways of decorating a space.

For example, make a pallet coffee table. It’s really simple and all you need is a wooden pallet which you might even get for free, some paint and four casters. Paint the pallet any color you want, install the casters and that’s all.{found on annaevers}.

Or make a stenciled lampshade for the lamp in your bedroom or home office. You need a light-colored fabric lampshade, a fabric marker, some thin cardboard, a pencil and scissors. Draw a lightbulb shape onto the cardboard and cut it out. Then start transferring the design onto the back of the lampshade.{found on jadeandfern}.

You can make a wall lamp for under $40. you need a lamp kit, craft jute, glue, pliers, a bag clip and a lightbulb. Figure out how to use the elements in the kit to make the lightbulb light up. Then start wrapping jute around the cord and use glue to keep it in place.{found on thehomesteady}.

Another interesting project you can try is a DIY storage ottoman you can make from four wooden crates and four casters, 8 corner brackets and some screws and wooden boards. Arrange the crates, secure them with screws, build a base frame, attach it to the crates and add the casters. Then add the upholstery. You should also paint the crates.{found on monmakesthings}.

And now let’s also discuss something that can improve the décor of your home from a purely aesthetic point of view: paper wall art. The supplies you need are: chicken wire, a wooden frame, a staple gun, wire cutters, pliers, white spray paint, double-sided colored paper, a drill and some screws.{found on sugarandcloth}.

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